Explorers Connect

Adventuring with purpose

Explorers Connect is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping people to live more adventurously, via big challenges, micro-expeditions, courses, talks, an expedition teammates platform, an industry jobs board, and much, much more…




Belinda kirk explorers connect.jpg
I’ve seen adventure change people’s lives and it changed mine, by giving inspiration, building confidence and creativity and bringing people together. The Explorers Connect community believes in making the most of life; together we are making a real difference and having fun.
— Belinda Kirk
Ranulph Fiennes explorers connect.jpg
I’m right behind the guys at Explorers Connect - there’s an explorer in us all and with this fast growing and friendly community, there’s real scope for us all to participate, to inspire and to be inspired - to push some boundaries! 
— Sir Ranulph Fiennes
Bear Grylls explorers connect.jpg
Explorers Connect helps aspiring adventurers to make significant steps towards their dreams – and we all need a little help sometimes!  It is about sharing skills, knowledge and resources with like-minded folk and making the world both smaller and bigger!
— Bear Grylls